Dream Multimedia are the manufacturers of the DreamBox. This is a relatively powerful STB running on Linux that delivers Digital Terrestrial, Digital Cable and Digital Satellite broadcasts.

These boxes are very popular with enthuisasts, partly down to the relatively cheap initial price and the ease by which the OS on the box can be modified. Communication with a Dreambox can be acheived either with a serial cable or via ethernet (on those devices that support it). At the time of writing, all Dreamboxes currently in production support LAN connections.

Ethernet appears to be the fastest method by which communications can be acheived and also offers a greater level of convenience as the box does not need to be physically attached bia a serial cable to a PC. Connection via ethernet also opens up the possibility of making use of the Dreambox web interface. From this, you can stream video to a host on a LAN as well as control some aspects of the STB itself.

As the Dreambox makes use of Linux as its OS, ethernet connections to a LAN also open up the ability to create FTP and Telnet connections directly to it.

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