Communicating with the Dreambox

Serial communications to the Dreambox allow you to use tools with which you can flash a new image onto the box itself. Unfortunately, there is little else this connection method offers. When using an ethernet connection, the ability to use FTP and Telnet are made available to the user.


Telnet is a common tool used by many Linux and Windows user all over the world. As the Dreambox runs Linux, this feature is also available when the STB is connected to the LAN. Telnet allows the user to communicate directly with the OS on the Dreambox to perform pretty much any task Linux offers. One very useful thing that Telnet enables a Dreambox user to do is enabling the web interface to certain models of Dreambox to allow flashing over the LAN with the web interface.

Making the connection

To create a Telnet connection to your Dreambox, first you will need to ensure that the STB is connected to your LAN and has an IP address. Once this is done, you will be able to use any Telnet client to connect to the server. Linux and Windows both offer a Telnet client on the command line, however you may wish to try out a third party tool. One very popular tool is PuTTY. However, the Dreambox Control Center application also has a built in Telnet client, which offers some useful commands just for the Dreambox.

To connect to a Telnet session on a Dreambox, you will need to provide a username and password. By default, the username for a Dreambox is root and the password is dreambox.


FTP is also a very common tool used across the world by millions of computer users. It allows the user to browse files located directly on an FTP server. The Dreambox, due to its use of Linux as an OS, also allows users to connect via FTP to browse, edit, create and transfer files to and from the STB.

The Dreambox includes an FTP server, so it is possible to connect any FTP client to the STB in order to manipulate files. Some popular FTP clients are as follows:

Note that the Dreambox Control Center has a built in FTP client that also provides a very handy method by which you can browse your Dreambox.

Also note that pretty much every desktop OS has an FTP client built into it, so which ever one you choose to make use of is up to your personal choice.

Making the Connection

To create an FTP connection, simply point your FTP client at your Dreambox by supplying the IP addres of the STB. You will need to login with a username and password, as with Telnet the username is root and the password is dreambox.

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